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UR taste buds can't repel flavor of this magnitude

The Donnas Stay Up Late Late, and You're Invited

Catch the Donnas when they perform as the musical guest on The Late Late Show during the inaugural week with new host Craig Ferguson. They will play the show Thursday, January 6th, at 12:35 AM so stay up late and rock out!

The band will also be the musical guest on Mad TV, which airs Saturday nights on FOX at 11 PM. Check local listings for the air date.

Want to attend the tapings of either show? You're invited! All you have to do is follow the links for more info. To attend the Late Late show taping, click here:

And to attend the Mad TV taping, follow this link:

Catch the Donnas as they take over the MTV show Room Raiders this week; the episode will premiere at 4:30 PM on Wednesday, January 6th, and will be replayed several times after that, so you can see it once, see it five times, just make sure you don't miss it!

Room Raiders featuring the Donnas:

01/06 4:30 PM
01/07 12:00 AM
01/07 5:00 AM
01/07 1:00 PM
01/08 8:30 AM
01/09 1:00 AM
01/09 12:30 PM

The Donnas Arrive Down Under in January

For all you Donnas fans Down Under, watch for the Donnas to hit your shores toward the end of this month to participate in the massive Big Day Out event - info can be found here - http://www.bigdayout.com
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